The Problem with Andrew Wiggins

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It’s not the weather.  The boy is Canadian.  It’s not his game.  The kid has game.  It’s not his money.  The man got paid.

Then what is it?  It’s two things, or people.  It’s Jimmy Butler and Tom Thibadeau.  In  my estimation, they are responsible for the recent soupy play of Andrew Wiggins.  For whatever reason, they are failing to understand the importance of Andrew Wiggins to the success of the Minnesota Timberwolves.   If he does not start playing well, they won’t go anywhere.  They’ll stay stuck on the edge of good and great, never punching their ticket to the late April games.

When I watch the Wolves play, they show bursts of greatness, but at other times it appears uninspired and lethargic.  It feels like that dream where you try to run but cannot — where you try to jump but you’re stuck.   I’m not advocating catering to the young, bouncy Canadian, but I am saying if he doesn’t succeed then the Wolves don’t succeed.

Jimmy Buckets needs to be a stronger, more vocal leader.  He needs to get his teammates more involved, especially Andrew Wiggins.  I don’t care if he’s a quote unquote lead by example type of guy.  He stepped into this role and now he must fulfill his duties and bring along Andrew Wiggins with him.  Only together can they win come April.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.13.12 AM.png

Tom Thibadeau, as head coach, needs to recognize this and sit down Jimmy Butler and explain to him what he must do as the best player and leader of the team.  It’s not only about buckets, it’s about the confidence, flow, and play of the rest of the team.  None more important than young Wiggins.  If they’re not willing to do that, which the organization appears to be given the large chunk of coin they just gave him, then they should consider trading him.

The Wolves need to take this ASG break to get Andrew Wiggins on jumpstarted and running the way he used to.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.13.52 AM

That, and KAT needs to stop taking so many threes.  Last week against the Bulls, in the waning seconds, Jimmy Butler was doubled.  He left it off to KAT.  A pump and drive to the lane was the correct play, yet he, now comfortable with the three, opted for the long ball.  It did not go in.  I’m not saying that he, or other big men, should not take three pointers, but I am saying there is a dangerous comfortability infecting the big men of the NBA.  None more so than Brook Lopez of the Los Angeles Lakers.  And let’s be honest, no one wants to play like Brook Lopez has played this year.  Get in the paint, son.  Are you allergic to rebounding?  I hope not for your head touches the clouds when you walk.

All for now.

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