System-less Basketball: NBA Playoffs

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Well, I was dead wrong about the Nuggets.  Sort of.  I wasn’t entirely wrong about the Minnesota Timberwolves.  They made the playoffs but are about to be ousted by the Rockets, which was expected.  Between them and the Blazers, expectations have not been met — not in the slightest.

And I’ll you why: they both play virtually system-less basketball.  Dribble the ball down the court, make a circus home-run pass (if you’re lucky) which leads to a hollow two points, or simply go 1-on-1 and throw up an errant shot that sometimes goes in.  The facade is in the pure athleticism and prowess of these elite NBA players, but this kind of basketball will take you no further than the…first round.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.28.21 PM.png

I have given up on both Terry Stotts and Tom Thibodeau as head coaches, at least for the time being.  Both would make fine assistant coaches, but no longer can I trust them to coach their players as the head.  No longer can I trust them to implement a system that will allow their players to succeed and make the right decisions on the basketball court.  These playoffs have proven this.

In addition, the Milwaukee Bucks , although still alive against a horribly depleted Celtics team, are very much in the same rudder-less boat.  Their only saving grace is that Jason Kidd was fired mid-season and so I’ll give them that.

It’s a shame that teams like San Antonio, and even Scott Brooks’ Thunder (they will be bested by the ever-impressive Quin Snyder’s squad in Utah soon, though), must battle one another, despite the fact that they would obliterate all three: Blazers, Wolves, and Bucks.

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I’m not in favor of a Conference-less league, but I am in favor of hiring better coaches.  Call a play.  Call anything.  Take a player out and sit them on the bench if they turn the ball over or make the wrong decision repeatedly up and down the floor.

All in all, these playoffs have been exciting, but I think better days are still ahead of us.

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