System-less Basketball: NBA Playoffs

Well, I was dead wrong about the Nuggets.  Sort of.  I wasn't entirely wrong about the Minnesota Timberwolves.  They made the playoffs but are about to be ousted by the Rockets, which was expected.  Between them and the Blazers, expectations have not been met -- not in the slightest. And I'll you why: they both … Continue reading System-less Basketball: NBA Playoffs

The Nuggets are Gold

It's time.  Truly.  As the playoffs loom in the very near future, it's time we (I) check my reservations at the door.  The Nuggets are real.  They've proven themselves throughout the entire season and no longer can we act surprised at their continued success.   I predict they will handedly deal a loss to the Clippers … Continue reading The Nuggets are Gold

The Warriors Should Fret the Thunder

The Starting Lineups:  Paul George,  Russell Westbrook,  Carmelo Anthony,  Corey Brewer,  Steven Adams Kevin Durant,  Stephen Curry,  Draymond Green,  Klay Thompson,  Zaza Pachula Why?  Mainly, because they have an uncanny ability to match up, at least in a relatively even way, with this hall-of-fame Warriors team.  With Paul George on the floor, he is able … Continue reading The Warriors Should Fret the Thunder

Lebron’s Blatant Rip-Off of Kobe

Sheesh. Less than five years ago and nearing retirement, Kobe Bryant demonstrated a surge of remarkable play on the basketball court.  The pinnacle moment, most likely, his dunking over the much younger Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries in the lane. There were others, namely a fierce dunk over lefty Josh Smith -- we all remember … Continue reading Lebron’s Blatant Rip-Off of Kobe

The Problem with Andrew Wiggins

It's not the weather.  The boy is Canadian.  It's not his game.  The kid has game.  It's not his money.  The man got paid. Then what is it?  It's two things, or people.  It's Jimmy Butler and Tom Thibadeau.  In  my estimation, they are responsible for the recent soupy play of Andrew Wiggins.  For whatever … Continue reading The Problem with Andrew Wiggins